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Believing in Something Greater

Robert Priest

Reverand Robert Priest


Robert Priest is ordained by the Universal Life Church. The vision of Q&A Ministries has been a lifelong dream of his and has come to be a reality.  The ministries focus will be directed by the community. You will have control over what topics/issues the groups will discuss, rather than coming into a church and being preached to.  We believe that religion is different to everyone; we have all had our own experiences and our own beliefs.  We are here to help you find what works for you and helps you live a life of Joy and happiness. We will not preach that there is only one way that God requires us to live rather we are here to help you find your own path.   The bible has been interpreted many many times over the years but God has remained the same.  We are open minded and willing to discuss almost anything, as a matter of fact, there are questions that Robert himself has that we will be discussing, 

Q & A Ministries of the West is dedicated to helping others in a Pay-it-forward fashion.  If we can help, we will.  
There are many aspects to this and we are happy to discuss them.  

Where does the donation money go to?

Donated funds go directly to the Ministries in order to provide financial support when needed, to purchase gift certificates for food and household items. We are looking for a more official meeting place than our home and somewhere we can have activities for kids of all ages. We will also have a soup kitchen in the winter and a salad and sandwich kitchen in the summer at this location. We will have many household items such as appliances, furniture that will be available for donation. We will be donating an entire house each year to a needy family, furnished, taxes paid for a year, ready to move in and get their life back on track.  We have donated lunches around the town when we can and helped out a few people here and there but it isn't enough, we endeavor to make Communities stronger by bringing people together. 

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Staff Karlyn Najera

Karlyn Najera

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